Sunday, May 4, 2008

Paul will host a picnic on Saturday, May 10 at Hollywood Park

In recognition of the hard work that our committee members, artists, and other volunteers have contributed to Paul's campaign, there will be a picnic in Hollywood Park on Saturday, May 10 from midday until sunset.

Paul plans to show up early, about 10:00 AM. This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cooler) event. Paul will provide meat, other grillables, and some condiments.

Please see our Events page for a map of the area. The green arrow is not well-placed; parking is at the southern end of Hollywood Park, the long, thin green area just east of the Azalea Park neighborhood. From Fairmount Avenue, take either Laurel or Maple Street West to Sumac Drive. Follow Sumac south to the parking lot entrance. Or if you happen to live in the area, walk in via your favorite side entrance.

Come meet Paul and help him unwind a little from his hectic work and campaign schedule!


Anonymous said...

The issues in all the council races are pretty much the same: financial failure; closed door meetings; public safety; budget cuts; etc. The big difference in the 3rd District is a little different, however. Where in the other races there is talk of “change,” several candidates here talk about continuing the policies of Hartley, Kehoe and Atkins that brought us to where we are today. Is this wise? Perhaps it has been a great couple of decades for the Gay community, and some might be true champions of Gay rights there are other issues and neighborhoods than just the community of Hillcrest. While these young men have held safe positions in a leadership role in our town, drive by gang activities have increased in the city core.
• In City Heights there have been a half dozen murders since Baldwin Development Company of Irvine sent out their last political donations. We must elect a candidate who will look these out of town special interests and local developers in the eye (and, when it’s called for) say NO. We must elect a candidate who can look the gangs in the eye and tell them these wild west shootouts will no longer be tolerated. Paul Broadway will lead the fight to take it to the gangs.
• The 6-to-6 programs, which kept teens occupied in the high ‘crime-time’ afternoon hours of three to 6:00 p.m., have been eliminated from the budget.
• Parks & Rec has been cut, and swimming pool hours will be curtailed this summer.
• City employee moral is low. Good employees are not given the pay and respect they deserve, and poor employees lack proper training. Paul believes San Diego City Employees are capable of going toe-to-toe with managed competition and with proper training of a smaller management team, current employees will be able bid on jobs where the taxpayers will reap the benefits of a lean, enthusiastic crew of City Workers. It’s time to declare peace, and to all work together for our community.
• Energy costs are growing and conservation efforts shrinking. The City should have in place a comprehensive plan that will allow us to develop our own resources (solar, wind and other clean local resources) and bring or capture water here that is supplemented by desalination and recycled water, and regional conservation.
• The Transit System lacks coordination along El Cajon Blvd. and University Avenue and the small communities off the main thoroughfares. And the transfers should be brought back into use for commuters to work, school, and seniors.

Anonymous said...

Paul Broadway was included in a forum put on by Voice of San Diego, the E-Newspaper of San Diego. Hosted on Café San Diego by Broadway fan and supporter Ed, it was a couple of days of fun. A little out of order perhaps, but wanted to post it anyway for your enjoyment.
NOTE: This first guy is a candidate?

2. James Hartline wrote on May 6, 2008 5:28 PM:
"Up until the last few months, I had never even heard of Paul Broadway and had no idea who he was when he announced. Now, I have been very active in San Diego and have been going to the city council for years to stand up for our District. Why haven't most of the people in District 3 heard of Paul? Don't you think it is fair that the person who wants to represent all of the people in our district, be someone who has, at least for a couple of years, been meeting the people he wants to represent? Don't you think that the person should have been known by now for being out there fighting for the many people in our district before they show up at election time to ask for the right to represent the entire district?"
1. Taxed to Death wrote on May 6, 2008 3:54 PM:
"I agree with the writer. I first heard Paul Broadway claim we had the capabilities of supplying our own energy thru Solar and checked it out. It's true--so let's start now. I disagree with Steve Whitburn being a good Chief of Staff. He is too tied to money/special interests. The 3rd district has some of the poorest families in SD and need special attention. The big money recipients(Gloria and Whitburn)are focused on gay rights. That's good, but there is a lot more to this district than gay issues. Thugs and drive by shootings are getting more common. I want to hear more about crime prevention. After weeks of reading and listening to forums, and what I've read here --Paul Broadway has got my vote. He has earned a spot for his signs alone. And solar plans."
1. 1. Sparky wrote on May 3, 2008 9:43 AM:
"I like your spark Ed. Your support for Paul Broadway is honorable. My take if you care to listen: it takes a while (12-18 months) to learn the job of City Council Person; Paul can't do anything by himself (Example; Donna F); to promise one term will ensure he fails at every turn (those opposed to his ideas will stall until he leaves); his idea of solar panels on every city owned building has so many pitfalls I hope he has plans for all the whole he will need to fill before someone breaks an ankle and sues the city. What has Paul done that would make him a viable candidate? What are Paul's plans for fiscal responsibility? Who is Paul going to use for his chief of staff? Keep plugging your candidate Ed; but give us more than this."
Ed Responded
Power: Solar and Political

Hi Sparky,

Thanks for your comments and questions. I agree there is a time from election, until you "catch up," on the workings of city hall. An advantage Paul brings to this position is that he has served (appointed volunteer) for many years in positions where he had to work closely with the bureaucracy and political appointees. His "ojt" will be shortened by his ability to go right to the matter. Besides, Paul is a straight shooter and not afraid to go public when he sees things go down behind closed doors that impact his constituents. And Paul has great admiration for Donna Frye, and Donna would be happy to help a fellow "peoples candidate" get acquainted with (in order to change) the old system.
With regard to solar panels on city buildings: not all buildings are energy ready and will require some retrofit. But with energy savings brought about by better planning, coupled with the skyrocketing fuel price that can be offset by switching to alternative energy and more efficient use of resources, we are well on our way. And, as most of you know, the power companies across the nation MUST buy any excess energy produced by this effort, so the excess will be part of "the grid" and will generate income that will pay off any bonds or debt incurred in building our self supporting system. Of course that will require a sound financial footing for the city than the current council has provided, and we trust the voters know what to do about that. And electing Paul Broadway is a big step in the right direction.

The four year, one term limit Paul placed on himself is a real challenge. But as most insiders know, from day one a political office becomes a campaign office. Everything done from that point on by the candidate and his staff is geared to his/her re-election or election to another office. It is the way of doing business and perpetuates the appearance that the elected official is working for the average Joe, when in reality he is working to gain himself and his staff another four years of taxpayer supported employment and a generous pension at a young age.

Finally, Paul knows that a smart leader surrounds himself with a good staff. And Chief of Staff is a critical position, especially with a full agenda. Now, I know this answer will have some political fallout, but in trying to adhere to Paul's high standard of honesty, I'll tell you who Paul would first offer the job to: Stephen Whitburn. Because, like Paul, Mr. Whitburn has a love for and knowledge of the 3rd district. And Paul believes that with the proper direction, Stephen could help Paul get this city back on the right track. And as you know, staff makes more money than their bosses. Paul wouldn't find a problem with that. But there will be plenty of time for staff selection. Right now we are concentrating on getting Paul elected so he'll be in the position to hire Stephen, or anyone else. My thanks to you, and the others who wrote. You can reach Paul, or me, through: Or, write me directly at:

Paul Broadway Has Done the Math
If we put solar panels on ALL the rooftops of the couple of thousand buildings owned by the city we can produce enough power that Sempra would have to cut a check to the city. It sure would be nice to have Paul Broadway on the Council when Sempra comes to negotiate a new franchise agreement. This installation may make the Sunrise Power Link unnecessary?

Paul has pledged to serve only one term if elected He detests candidates getting elected and before the name plate is changed on the door, they are running for re-election or another office instead of doing the job they were just elected to do. Paul claims he can do in four years what the current council wouldn't do in 8 years. Please go to and see what Paul has helped accomplish without ever being elected.

On a side note: Paul refuses ALL campaign contributions so it is great to get this chance to talk with you on voice's dime. I challenge all campaign spokespersons on the Café San Diego, to make a donation, the size of your choosing, to Vof SD. They have another sponsor who will match every dollar we give. Having no budget like some of you on the special interest teat, I can only throw in a $20. But if everyone would throw in a $20, with the matching donor, it could be the best idea that came out of the Café SD in several weeks.

Let's get some feedback readers. Just because I didn't toss any F-bombs or attack your candidate, that doesn't give you the right to not attack us. Maybe we'll win it in the primary and save the developers money.

Thank you for reading. Come to and enjoy!

Friday, May 2 -- 3:58 pm