Saturday, April 19, 2008


Welcome to Paul Broadway's Blog!

Paul is a US Navy veteran and proud member of VFW Post # 7420, a homeowner who has lived in San Diego for twenty-five years. He served as a federal public safety officer and currently makes his living as a factory mechanic, but is best known as the owner-operator, with wife Marcia, of the popular and well-regarded San Diego landmark, Sparky’s.

He accepts no monetary contributions, and pledges to serve one term only.

He asks for your vote to effect fundamental change in a City Council that tolerated corruption and dangerously misplaced priorities at City Hall.

“Public service is a duty, not a career. We have enough career politicians. We as a community need to get things done. We need and deserve a city that works for us.”

Paul’s core issues:

- Compliance with all federal, state, and local law
- An A credit rating
- Water policy that makes sense
- Justice in the pension fund scandal
- Our city as a center for green business

Paul and his core supporters will use this blog as a launch point for interactive discussions with voters. Main topics will present Paul's positions on issues, his vision for the future of San Diego and District 3, and his thoughts on other matters. We welcome comments and questions from anyone.



Paul Broadway said...

I want to invite everyone to come to the Earth Day celebration in Balboa Park on Sunday, 4/20/08. I think it will be a jamming scene.

Anonymous said...

I attended Earth Day and saw candidate after candidate address the crowd with false promises or they would fudge on their answers to simple questions.

Paul was the ONLY candidate ALL DAY for ANY office that answered matter-of-factly to EVERY question.

I especially liked his answer to the question of spending police resources on marijuana arrest and prosecution. His simple, honest answers to complex problems is why I'll be voting for Paul Broadway and will be urging everyone I know to do the same.

Paul Broadway said...

I am glad you attended Earth Day in Balboa Park. I am especially glad that you attended the Candidate's Forum at the Organ Pavilion. I thought we would have a greater turnout, but I was not disappointed. It occurred to me that the people who did attend were very concerned about the environment and the issues surrounding this campaign.

Anonymous said...

To me, Paul is the most forward-thinking candidate in the bunch. His ideas of using city property to serve as host to solar panels shows how serious he is about energy independence for San Diego. Sempra Energy made tens of millions of dollars in profit in this first quarter, while all rest of us are being choked by high energy costs. Their insationable appetite for profit trumps the community's environmental concerns over the use of state park property to lay transition lines. Paul seems to be the candidate showing real concern for San Diego and it's "green" future.

Anonymous said...

Are there any free solar clothes dryers left? All my sister had to do was tie one end around a nail, and the other end to a nail after stretching it out. Then she puts the towell over this rope and using a wooden clip, holds the towell under the sun until it's dry.