Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paul gets the nod from Roger Hedgecock!

San Diego's "Radio Mayor" yesterday declared his support for Paul Broadway for the District 3 seat on the San Diego City Council. Paul, his wife Marcia, and all the members of our committee are of course very pleased.

Roger declared the big-spending candidates Todd Gloria and Stephen Whitburn, who skipped the on-air debate last Friday, as unfit to serve as councilmembers since they lack the fortitude to face an outspoken critic. Meanwhile, James Hartline and his minions have managed to stuff Roger's online poll (subject to being removed at any time of course) to the extent that Hartline appears to carry more than 60% of the vote. Sorry James, there just aren't that many people in District 3 who are going to buy into your "ex-gay" routine.

Hear Roger's endorsements for Districts 1, 3, 5, and 7 on Roger's site - see Wednesday, May 21, 2008 5 PM at this link. You can also go back to last Friday and hear the District 3 debate as it was played on the air. (Some of the livelier exchanges among the candidates occurred during commercial breaks.)

This just in Saturday, May 31 - Roger's endorsement page

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Would you like to help Paul get elected? Here's one way...

Please see our How You Can Help page on the campaign Web site. We've added several colorful window decals, bumper stickers, and full-age posters in GIF format, also Word or PowerPoint documents for convenient printer setup. Create Paul Broadway propaganda on your printer in the privacy of your home, or be an office rebel and sneak a few onto the nice color machine at work when the boss isn't looking.

The picnic yesterday at Hollywood Park in City Heights was a great success. About 40 people showed up to eat and chat with Paul and the committee. Thanks to all who attended!

We'll have a small army of middle-aged white guys in Hawaiian shirts, some creative folks, kids, etc. out canvassing neighborhoods in the North Park area next weekend. Please contact Paul directly if you'd like to volunteer your soles to the effort.

Home (619) 284-2331


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I don't like the Strong Mayor form of government

Right now, we have a political situation in San Diego that is going to define how we continue on as a city. We have the Strong Mayor form of government in place. With that form of government, we have lost some checks and balances that protected the citizens of San Diego from our duly elected leaders.

Because there is an appearance of ultimate power being wielded by our politicians, or because our City Attorney loves to take on causes that he is outnumbered on, we have a war between the City Attorney's office and the Mayor's office. The whole fiasco is about the dreaded pension fund issue. You know, the 2.1 BILLION dollars that the city allowed to be grafted from our public coffers by civil servants in the form of work credits.

It seems that our Mayor is doing the work of the pension board that he appointed. He is taking action unilaterally, so the pension board does not have to act in open meetings. He wants to allow those extravagant and somewhat questionable benefits to be extended to new employees of the city. Those same benefits that are destroying our credit worthiness and bond ratings as a city.

It is not the Mayor's responsibility to do the pension board's work, nor is it the Mayor's job to oversee the pension benefits of the city's employees. But, here is the rub, the last pension board was indicted and will be tried for their actions that led to San Diego's biggest financial scadal to ever present its ugly head in public so far. If the new pension board violates the Brown Act or involves itself in any wrongdoing, they will be hung out to dry in a judicial sense. You do know whose reputation that will reflect on? The Mayor's, of course!

The citizens of San Diego have two allies to protect our interest from the Mayor and his greedy benefactors. The first ally is Michael Aguirre. That mild mannered and somewhat disheveled lawyer who is always asking pesky questions and interpreting the law to our benefit. The same City Attorney that has spawned radio and television commercials about all of the issues that he is involved in. In my opinion, Mr. Aguirre is doing the best and bravest job I have ever witnessed by a civil servant.

There are a lot of political interests out there who do not care for Mr. Aguirre. I can name a few just to support my statement: the Mayor, a majority of the City Council, Sunroad Development Co., and a large majority of the city's employees. You see, Mr. Aguirre is turning off the spigot of graft and collusion in our city's political machine. He is working for the Citizens of San Diego, not developers and their stooges.

The second ally that we San Diegans can count on is the Municipal Code! The Muni Code, as it is referred to is the best protection that we mere citizens can count on at Golden Hall! The very action the Mayor is arguing to allow is outlined in the Municipal Code. If our politicians can interpret the Muni Code to their whims, we are lost. Please support your City Attorney and let the Mayor know that what he is doing is not appreciated. Write an e-mail or letter stating that he recuse himself from all pension board matters. Remember, this is an issue that has decades of taxation that we will bear. If you want the best outcome from this political fiasco, let the City Attorney do his job unfettered and free of the political collusion by our Mayor and City Council.

-Paul Broadway

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Paul will host a picnic on Saturday, May 10 at Hollywood Park

In recognition of the hard work that our committee members, artists, and other volunteers have contributed to Paul's campaign, there will be a picnic in Hollywood Park on Saturday, May 10 from midday until sunset.

Paul plans to show up early, about 10:00 AM. This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cooler) event. Paul will provide meat, other grillables, and some condiments.

Please see our Events page for a map of the area. The green arrow is not well-placed; parking is at the southern end of Hollywood Park, the long, thin green area just east of the Azalea Park neighborhood. From Fairmount Avenue, take either Laurel or Maple Street West to Sumac Drive. Follow Sumac south to the parking lot entrance. Or if you happen to live in the area, walk in via your favorite side entrance.

Come meet Paul and help him unwind a little from his hectic work and campaign schedule!